6/11 The Phillips Collection

The World Series
A photo installation in response to Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series
June 23 to October 30, 2011
1600 21st Street, Washington D.C.

Allan deSouza’s new project, The World Series, (2011), is a response and homage to Jacob Lawrence’s iconic The Migration Series, (1941). Both consist of 60 sequential, narrative images, but while Lawrence’s paintings are specific to the early twentieth century black migration from the American South to Northern cities, deSouza’s photographs track a broader experience of international migration as well as referring obliquely to his own family’s history. The World Series plays across multiple locations in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, to investigate cultural encounters that are political and poetic, sometimes unnerving, sometimes humorous.

Since Lawrence’s series is divided between the Phillips and New York’s MoMA, deSouza will show 30 prints to match the number in the Phillips’ collection.