2011 The World Series

The World Series, 2011

The World Series (2011) was inspired by Jacob Lawrence’s iconic The Migration Series (1941), which portrays the twentieth century black migration from the American South to Northern cities. DeSouza’s photographs invoke history to track contemporary pathways through the signage of metaphorical, transcultural, political and psychogeographic encounters. The paths taken may refer to deSouza’s own history––and we can indeed read elements of deSouza’s known biography; or these encounters suggest a fictional protagonist who moves through them, much like in a novel, storyboard or film; or the encounters are themselves protagonists, and are largely understood through narratives suggested both within each photograph and through their accumulation and sequencing. Whether the tales of a tourist, a migrant, exile, returnee or one who inhabits many locations and psyches, it is precisely through combining fictional strategies with the truth-telling claims of photography that we are led to multivalent, counter-readings of history.

Dr. Moi Tsien
Berlin, Germany, Jan 2012